The TCO Tolling Customer Ombudsman (TCO) requires a complainant to first raise an enquiry or complaint with the relevant tolling operator. The enquiry may be in writing or verbal to:

In most cases, problems should be resolved with the first call or after a short period of discussion with the tolling operator. If a complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome, the complaint should be referred to the relevant tolling operator’s internal customer resolution team for further investigation.

If a complainant is still not happy with the outcome, the complainant can then take the unresolved enquiry or complaint to the TCO.

The tolling operator must advise a complainant in writing of the TCO and its contact details if an enquiry or complaint is unresolved.

Important Steps

A complainant needs to provide the TCO with written details of the unresolved enquiry or complaint. There is a Complaint Form on the TCO website to assist complainants. See the ‘Make a Complaint‘ page for more details.

To further assist the TCO to make an informed decision, a complainant is also asked in the Complaint Form to provide the TCO with the power to access the details of an enquiry or complaint.

A submission to the TCO will be acknowledged within 7 days and a complainant will be advised of progress within 14 days.

A complainant will be provided with a decision, recommendation or a copy of the TCO’s Determination in writing if a matter is not otherwise resolved.

The TCO decisions are binding on tolling operators

The TCO will consider all aspects of the matter raised and may then make a decision. Decisions on individual cases will be binding on the relevant tolling operator. The complainant may request the TCO to make a written Determination.

It is hoped that the complainant will receive the decision with goodwill. However, the complainant does not relinquish any legal rights. If the complainant is dissatisfied with the decision, the complainant may pursue other avenues of complaint or dispute resolution.

The TCO has no power to make binding monetary compensation awards for consequential loss, economic loss, loss of profit or punitive damages. The TCO may recommend, however, payment of appropriate compensation where it is fair in the circumstances.

Where the TCO is unable to help

The TCO cannot:

  • consider any grievances related to infringement notices issued by authorities, even though the infringement may have happened on one of the toll roads covered by this scheme;
  • consider the level of tolls or fees fixed by tolling operators in consultation with state governments;
  • consider disputes about vehicle classifications;
  • consider grievances in relation to Roam and Roam Express/Transurban Linkt that arose before 1 August 2006, go via that arose before 1 October 2011, or E-Way and M5 South-West Motorway that arose before 12 April 2016;
  • make decisions that would put a tolling operator in breach of its Customer Service Agreement or its Concession Deeds with a state government; and
  • make binding decisions that require tolling operators to pay monetary compensation in some instances.